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Medical equipment enterprises march into the era of big data

In the information age, the importance of data is needless to say, but the traditional industry has been facing the disadvantages of great difficulty and poor convenience in information indexing and query. Fast and accurate access to comprehensive industry information has always been one of the core demands of enterprises. With the landing application of cloud computing and big data technology, mobile Internet makes data services available to everyone, easy to use and everywhere.

There is a market when there is demand. With the advent of the era of big data, enterprises need data to serve the management and operation of enterprises. Therefore, a large number of software companies came into being. With the gradual maturity of the market, software companies gradually realize that enterprise oriented software is different from public oriented software. Limited by industry barriers, in order to do a good job in enterprise oriented software services, we must deeply combine the industry characteristics. Therefore, each subdivision track began to move towards specialization.

Nowadays, medical device enterprises are also gradually aware of the importance of data. Whether it is internal management or inter enterprise cooperation, making decisions with the help of data has become the basic habit of many medical device enterprises. The introduction of medical device information management system by enterprises has four advantages:

1、 Compliance with GSP review criteria

Erp-cloud system is developed in accordance with the code for quality management of medical device operation and the detailed rules for inspection and evaluation of computer information management system in Beijing, meeting the regulatory requirements of the drug administration and other relevant laws and regulations.

2、 There is no need to configure operation and maintenance equipment

Erp-cloud software adopts cloud deployment architecture. Users do not need to purchase additional servers or configure professional operation and maintenance personnel. Century Tianhong is responsible for all operation and maintenance related to servers. The lowest cost is only one bottle of beverage per day, saving to the extreme.

3、 Compact and easy to operate

Lightweight design, fresh software interface, clear categories, high degree of automation, easy to use, eliminating cumbersome repeated input; The design is humanized and grounded, abandoning the functions that seem "tall", but actually "can't understand" and "can't use".

4、 The service was perfect and started quickly

After users purchase erp-cloud software, we can help complete the deployment and ensure the online operation within one day as soon as possible. In addition, we also have one-to-one real-life customer service online training, video tutorials, user manuals and daily Q & A of after-sales customer service to teach you how to get started quickly.